Water intake navigate to this web-site The required quantity of Capsicum to produce enough weight loss effect in a person is about 10 grams per day. A certain company promoting slimming pills feels that this quantum of red chilly or its equivalent in capsaicinoids might irritate the mouth or stomach mucosa, so they have used a unique design to give a special coating on the ingredients. This coating of the capsules will prevent the contents getting in contact with the mouth as well as the stomach. The specific place where the ingredients have to be released is the intestines. As the acidity of the stomach is different from that of the intestines, the coating of the capsule will dissolve in the intestines only releasing the contents exactly in the place where it is digested and absorbed into the blood stream. This is where the modern technology gives a helping hand to nature in achieving its weight loss goal. how to lose weight men How Does Hoodia Work? male weight loss For individuals that have never heard of Le Vive it is a potent delicious nutritional supplement. This is the best antioxidant supplement it is also natural with a great flavor. It is also very easy to break down Ardyss Le Vive weight loss programs and pills 13. Yet another way of controlling or stopping palpitations is by stimulating the vagus nerve which controls the heart rate by doing Valsalva Maneuver. This can be done by holding the nose, closing the mouth and attempting to breathe out forcefully which pressurizes your chest and causes a reaction from the vagus nerve. If carried out correctly, you can see immediate results. If you want to know whether you have done it properly, you can check for your ears to pop out. If they do, then you have done a good job. loose weight Freebies | Richworks

A brief overview of Typography and (sans)serif Typefaces


Ever since the first books were written and published centuries ago, the primary goal of typography was readability. It does not matter how pretty a page layout is or how unique a font selection is, if the typography makes the information on the page harder to read, the page has failed in its main duty : to transfer information to the reader in an efficient manner. Typography encompasses... Read More

Create a slick glowing button in Photoshop


Every designer, whether he is a beginner or a professional will someday, in his career create icons for his client or his portfolio. Creating icons can be extremely fun, provided you do it the right way. Most importantly, you should learn the basic principles of icon design first, the importance and functions of icons on web sites and in user interfaces. This might take a long... Read More

Free Icons : Gold embedded Leather Social Icon Set

After blogging for nearly three months, I have been able to elevate this design blog to a whole new level. I give all the credit to you guys for constantly supporting me and voting for the articles. Sharing and promoting my articles has immensely helped me to increase the popularity of the blog. I will try my best to continually provide valuable content from the world of design.... Read More

25 most creative examples of doodle art

Regardless of any advancement in technology, pen and paper will always be the number once choice for any budding artist or illustrator. It is with the these pencil sketches that we create great designs. So, what exactly makes a doodle so fascinating even though it is claimed to be one of the most unproductive ways of spending time. Maybe a gross understatement, but once you look... Read More

30 Awesome collection of high quality splatter brushes and tutorials

Having a good collection of Photoshop brushes is a must for any graphic designer. There is certainly no shortage of Photoshop brushes on the Web these days. The problem with Photoshop brushes isn’t in finding them, but in finding quality ones. In this article, I have collected and shared 30 of the coolest Ink, paint and blood splatter brushes which might come in handy for your... Read More

30 Most Visually Stunning wallpapers for your desktop + Tutorials

It’s that time of month again! Time to change your wallpaper to something new and exciting. I have always found that by updating my wallpaper on a regular basis, it gives me a sense of being in a new work space thereby motivating me to get my day to day tasks done easier and in a more effective manner. Although, I must admit, its in our instincts to keep changing our wallpapers... Read More

Create a realistic torn paper effect with coffee stains in Photoshop


Torn paper can be a key element in accomplishing a authentic collage look.  With the help of Photoshop’s Brush tool, we can practically achieve anything. There are not much tutorials on the web which tells you how to create the torn paper effect. A important aspect in creating elements in design is to add realism into them. There are so many instances while in web designing... Read More

2500 Business Card Giveaway from Printox.com

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED. NO SUBMISSIONS HENCEFORTH WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED, THANK YOU Today, we have got a special announcement for our readers. The folks at Printox.com are giving away 2500 Free business cards with custom design and will be awarded to 2 lucky winners. Read More  Read More

Create an awesome leather studded icon in Photoshop + Free PSD


In this tutorial, we’ll go through simple, easy and effective steps for creating a nice leather studded social bookmark icon. There’s a light use of the Pen Tool in the tutorial, but most of it uses Selection Tools and shape tools to create this icon. The idea of writing this tutorial is to make sure that you’ll get familiar with some useful techniques which are otherwise... Read More


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