High speed photography taken to the next level by Lex Augusteijn

high speed bullet photo

High speed photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena, usually at a very high rate of more than 1000 frames/second. To achieve a good high speed photo, you need a digital camera, a fast-moving subject (like a bullet or a water drop), and a bit of knowledge about the technical aspects of high speed photography, such as shutter speed, exposure, reciprocity,... Read More

Beauty in simplicity : an illustrative guide to evidence and truth

illustrative guide to evidence and truth

Students(and in some cases adults) sometimes have trouble trying to comprehend the meaning of the term ‘theory’. We usually hear a common phrase, ‘It’s just a theory‘ when people try to refute certain facts. This is a common misconception among people, they assume that theories are based on conjecture and not evidence. In order to debunk this common... Read More

Steve Jobs : A visionary, an innovator, a designer and a great human being. We’ll miss you!

steve jobs, a visionary, a designer and a great human being

Steven P. Jobs, the Apple Inc. chairman and co-founder who pioneered the personal computer industry and changed the way people think about technology, died Wednesday at the age of 56. This is a great loss to the entire world (especially of art and technology). Steve Jobs’s contribution has had an immeasurable impact in our lives and it will be felt for generations to come. During... Read More

What makes a great product design? From thoughts to reality

What makes a great product design? From thoughts to reality

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along and changes everything. We have been very fortunate to live in this generation which has transformed the conventional design culture into a uber-geeky one. Companies are continually striving to create new products equipped with cutting edge technologies. Such nail biting competitions can only most often give way to innovation... Read More

Patterns in Nature : An enigmatic inspiration

Patterns in Nature : inspiration from nature's design

A sunflower, symmetry of a microbe, fur of a zebra, flocks of birds, ocean waves. These and thousands of other images are the kaleidoscope of patterns and forms that nature presents to us over a lifetime. Nature has provided artists with inspiration since the beginning of time. An appreciation of patterns in nature involves both art and science. Some of us enjoy the art and leave... Read More

17 most common myths in the design world


Designing is the most prestigious job in the entire world. It not only allows you to create stuff that will be used by million other people everyday but will also create a benchmark for the future products that will be inspired from today’s. However, the life of a designer is not as glamorous as many people think it is. It needs more than just skills to produce a work of... Read More

10 Most influential designs that changed the Modern World


Everything you encounter in your life, from your toothbrush, to your computer; the water bottle you drink out of and the pen you write with, have been designed. Design is essential for so many reasons in the products we buy and how we use them, going well beyond mere aesthetics. “You know a design is good when you want to lick it” As quoted by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc.,... Read More

Richworks ready to get a phenomenal makeover

richworks redesign

Hello guys, It has been a while since I caught up with you. You may have noticed the frequency of articles have declined for a while now. Nothing to worry as I am back on my feet and filled with ideas to share! Also, this is quite a busy time for me now as I have to prepare for my examinations which are supposed to be held on February 2011. So, I will be briefly writing articles,... Read More

Content : The core idea of a website


Nowadays it is hard, and I am afraid that it is almost impossible to find any fields of activity having no connection with the Internet. But what was the initial purpose of the world wide network? It was very simple…to realize a very transparent and plain network and facilitate the exchange of pieces of information between scientists from CERN and others all over the world. I... Read More


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