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Welcome to Richworks – A Design Blog with a difference….

Here at Richworks, our aim is to publish articles that are informative, thought provoking, articles that take an in-depth look at design and help you nurture your creativity and grow as a designer. Our articles range from inspirational works from various artists and designers from around the world to thought provoking articles which provide game-changing potential to foster creativity and innovation.

Among the plethora of design blogs out there, you must start to ponder over the necessity of following this one. We try our best to write articles that are unique and provide immense help to young(in terms of wisdom) and eager designers. Through our articles, we aim to reach a better and bigger audience by sharing what we know and what we learn as we embark upon this relentless journey in pursuit of achieving greatness in what we do. We value quality over quantity and believe in the fact that, with the right amount of resources and dedication, we can reach the pinnacle of our cognitive abilities.

Richworks was started by Richie Thimmaiah, a web enthusiast who happens to be a graduate in Electronics Engineering. Unraveling the mysteries of design and creativity are a couple of his passions. He loves to understand the working of the human brain and how it manages to control the very fabric of our mind and soul. He is a complete gizmo-freak and loves to talk in third person. He hopes that someday he will himself solve the enigma of the human brain. Until then, he hopes to make the design community better.

quote from steve jobsOfficially started on the new year, January 1st, 2010, Richworks has grown immensely by publishing a wide range of design articles from photoshop tutorials to thought provoking articles. Articles written here have been featured on Smashing Magazine, PSDTuts, Web designer Depot, Six Revisions, Speckyboy Magazine and many more.

Whether you are a design student, a design professional or just a design enthusiast, we hope you find Richworks a great read and continue to come back for more. We value every suggestion, opinion and criticism(negative and constructive). We believe growth and improvement can only be achieved through your cooperation and thus help build a coherent community in this creative world.

Want to write for us?

We are more than honored if you contribute to the design community and illuminate the world with your thoughts and wisdom. We value our guest articles a lot and pay special attention to the appreciation it deserves. If you are interested, you can drop us a line using the Contact form. If you just want to say ‘Hi’, you are more than welcome to do so.

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Good Luck and happy designing.

18 Responses to “About”
  1. sriganesh says:

    welcome Rich ! all the best :D, i have a request can we have a mutual sharing of votes and link in | friends | , let me know nay any help from side :D

  2. Richie says:

    Sure thing, Sri. You can link to my blog and you can give the details as you wish. I shall add you to my Friends and inspiration List.

    Thank you so much, Sri

  3. That’s great Rich. You finally got a blog. :)

    • Richie says:

      Yep…. finally… thanks to you and a few other of my friends in the design community for inspiring me.. I am thoroughly following your article on smashing magazine. Your articles are so brilliantly crafted to the point.

  4. milinda says:

    great going rich…..

  5. Sunil Jain says:

    Hi Richie :)
    Welcome to the blogging world :) :) :)

  6. Suhas MAdhusudana says:

    Whoa Rich..! Too good dude, it feels great to see your official blog..! You got all the potential to be the best in business. All the very best in your endeavor. Inspired by Rich..!

  7. akshaybelvadi says:

    hey! Richie.. nice job dude… its awesome!!

  8. Excellent blog, Richie! Great work!

  9. Aidan says:

    Hi Richie,

    Nice blog you got here. It’s heartening that you are from India. Why not pops over and say hi to your fellow Indian talents?


  10. suraj says:

    Hi Richie, great blog loved your all posts so much, you have good blog with simple and attractive design.
    Blog content is so unique, keep it up! :)

  11. jeprie says:

    Thanks for putting me in.
    The author box is not aligned. Doesn’t look nice. Maybe you should add more width to it.

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