Beauty in simplicity : an illustrative guide to evidence and truth

Students(and in some cases adults) sometimes have trouble trying to comprehend the meaning of the term ‘theory’. We usually hear a common phrase, ‘It’s just a theory‘ when people try to refute certain facts. This is a common misconception among people, they assume that theories are based on conjecture and not evidence. In order to debunk this common misconception among the lay folk, here is a clear and concise graphic that explains the fundamentals... Read More

The incredible Nature Series : Photogenic insects pose for the camera

Nature is an endless inspiration for designers, photographers and artists alike. After all, nature has managed to create a complex self-sustaining system of life supporting millions of species over billions of years that has given rise to some of the most beautiful and elegant living beings that we have ever gazed our eyes upon. Evolution has resulted in transforming these living beings over the course of several millions of years. Today, there are literally millions of species... Read More


May 2012
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