17 most common myths in the design world

Designing is the most prestigious job in the entire world. It not only allows you to create stuff that will be used by million other people everyday but will also create a benchmark for the future products that will be inspired from today’s. However, the life of a designer is not as glamorous as many people think it is. It needs more than just skills to produce a work of art that will stand the test of times and influence everything on this planet. Like our society, design... Read More

10 Most influential designs that changed the Modern World

Everything you encounter in your life, from your toothbrush, to your computer; the water bottle you drink out of and the pen you write with, have been designed. Design is essential for so many reasons in the products we buy and how we use them, going well beyond mere aesthetics. “You know a design is good when you want to lick it” As quoted by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc., is one way to describe ‘Design’. But a truly iconic design must do more than make you... Read More

Richworks ready to get a phenomenal makeover

Hello guys, It has been a while since I caught up with you. You may have noticed the frequency of articles have declined for a while now. Nothing to worry as I am back on my feet and filled with ideas to share! Also, this is quite a busy time for me now as I have to prepare for my examinations which are supposed to be held on February 2011. So, I will be briefly writing articles, perhaps once every week, but i assure they will be of high value. I usually am not a huge fan of... Read More


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