25 Must Read articles on Design, Typography and Web Development – 2

I am currently working on a really good article about Inspiration and (coincidentally) Steve Jobs. In that article, I plan to explain how we can seek inspiration from Jobs’ work ethics, his dynamic attitude towards life, his love towards what he does and everything else. Until that surfaces out, let us look into those articles which have been making some rounds on my Twitter stream lately. As i said in my previous article, I am an avid user of Stumble Upon and using it,... Read More

40 Spectacular images of the Stellar Universe and beyond, from NASA

“Where do we come from? How did the universe begin? Why is the universe the way it is? How will it end?” These questions have baffled astrophysicists and mathematicians for centuries. We still have no clear explanation or evidence as to what our very purpose in this universe is. Hundreds of years ago, everyone believed that the Earth was at the center of the universe. Today we know better, but a complete picture of the universe remains elusive. From the ancient notion... Read More

Must read articles on Design, Creativity and Web Design

I’ve been using Twitter a lot lately and posting some really interesting links. I am also an avid user of Stumble Upon and combining it with Twitter and sharing stuff is the greatest thing that I can indulge myself in. I have unraveled some really great articles in the past couple of weeks and I would love to share them with you today. I have handpicked the best 10 articles from my twitter feed and have showcased them here. Some are purely professional, a few are funny... Read More

40 most enchanting examples of Staircase Photography

Since the medieval times, the construction of the stairways has evolved a lot. Developments in manufacturing and design have led to the introduction of different array of materials and building some of the most intriguing staircases. Nowadays, stairs can be made out of steel, timber, concrete or a combination of materials. Today, we see a plethora of designs and ideas being implemented to build these structures. It adds a lot of value to the aesthetic and architectural aspects... Read More


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