The Role of Capsicum in Weight Loss diets for weight loss The cause as such is, as mentioned above, through contaminated stools and it seeps into the system if a person or animal ingests it accidently. It has been said that the hands carry illnesses that we would never even guess! This bug has an exoskeleton- like shell that gives it the ability to survive and spread over long periods of time. The saddest part is that it also resists chlorine and therefore swimmers or Jacuzzi enthusiasts can carry the bug without realizingit, for a long time. Drinking water is not eliminated in this, especially if it is not treated. The disease spreads like wildfire not only through non vegetarian foods but also from vegetarian products. Sexual contact can also cause this to break out if the person is infected with the bug. chlorella spirulina weight loss 1. Vacuum Pose your way to 1 LESS inch on your waist in a week free clinical trials for weight loss After the first 30 days of following the diet (which at a 2400 calorie intake seemed like a lot) and workout regime, I noticed a tiny change in my overall look, but not as much as I would have liked. I jumped back on the message boards and found out that many people do not make it past the first initial days for this exact reason. After reading that, I realized that I did not want to return to my old self. I needed to stay motivated and be one of the individuals who saw this thing all the way through. what is garcinia cambogia hca weight loss 3. Avoid staying hungry for longer time periods, because it can negatively affect the appetite. benefits and side effects of garcinia cambogia weight loss May, 2010 | Richworks

Time for a short break : Examinations :)

Well, I hope we enjoyed learning some cool stuff and looking into some great areas of design and photography and everything else. It is time for me to stay away from my computer for a while, as my graduation exams are just around the corner. This is probably my last post for this month. My exams are supposed to get over by the end of this month and I will be back then. I have loads of articles lined up when I get back to writing. Here are a few of them which I would like to share: ... Read More

Interview with Master Sci-Fi Digital Artist Tobias Roetsch

Science fiction is a literary genre that extrapolates from existing knowledge about the real world to speculate about alternative worlds. It always includes an element of the fantastic, since it aims to go beyond what exists, to give a hyperrealistic model of “what if?”. Exploring the consequences of such differences between what is real and what we think is the future is the traditional purpose of science fiction, making it a “literature of ideas”. Science... Read More

What does it take to become a great designer?

What is design? Design is that which lays the foundation for making an object or an artwork. Design in something which sends out a similar message to a wide range of audience because it was intended to serve just the purpose for which it was created. Design is sometimes defined as both the process and the final product of an endeavour to fulfil a personal or professional brief. Design is also about demonstrating how beautiful something can be and sometimes, it is about changing... Read More

20 Coolest Web Designs From the Far East

The far east is perhaps, more widely known for its diverse culture and strong traditions that dates back to several thousands of years. They are also known for their exotic artwork and some of the most prolific paintings we have ever witnessed. Such a diversification has helped in their evolution to become more competitive and challenge the trends of art and design. Apart from the obvious differences in language and text, there are many other aspects of web designs from the... Read More


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