Create a slick glowing button in Photoshop

Every designer, whether he is a beginner or a professional will someday, in his career create icons for his client or his portfolio. Creating icons can be extremely fun, provided you do it the right way. Most importantly, you should learn the basic principles of icon design first, the importance and functions of icons on web sites and in user interfaces. This might take a long time but trust me, its the right way. You should also learn how to use your imagination and creativity... Read More

Test your Creativity – Remix Contest by Alternate Rail

I’m sure you all remember Alex, the mastermind behind the awesome Tutorial ‘Retro Futuristic Typography‘ which was featured in many design blogs, tutorial websites and has gained widespread popularity among artists. Well, he is back with another awesome article, but this time it is a Remixing Contest. This contest is something different from what we have seen in other design blogs until now. Its very simple and will help you learn and participate in a constructive... Read More

25 awesome illustrations inspired by Super Mario

As Nintendo’s mascot, Mario is one of the most famous characters in video game history, and his image is commonly associated with video games. He has also inspired television shows, film, comics, and a line of licensed merchandise. Almost every kid in the world who owns a video game player must have played the game at least once. Mario was originally portrayed as a two-dimensional sprite, but in later games he is shown as a three-dimensional, polygonal model. He is depicted... Read More

Free Icons : Gold embedded Leather Social Icon Set

After blogging for nearly three months, I have been able to elevate this design blog to a whole new level. I give all the credit to you guys for constantly supporting me and voting for the articles. Sharing and promoting my articles has immensely helped me to increase the popularity of the blog. I will try my best to continually provide valuable content from the world of design. Having said that, I do not want to make this like many other blogs which merely showcase stuff.... Read More

25 most creative examples of doodle art

Regardless of any advancement in technology, pen and paper will always be the number once choice for any budding artist or illustrator. It is with the these pencil sketches that we create great designs. So, what exactly makes a doodle so fascinating even though it is claimed to be one of the most unproductive ways of spending time. Maybe a gross understatement, but once you look at these creative doodles, you will know what I’m talking about. A doodle is a type of sketch,... Read More

27 Creative and Futuristic Cell Phone Concept designs

Technology is growing at a drastic rate. Whats new today, is obsolete tomorrow. Lets be honest, we can never live without cell phones. Its what we live and roam around with everyday. As User Interaction becomes more and more demanding these days, the technology has to cope up. We have seen the evolution of Mobile phones from the day it was first realized. They have been flooded with features which we never thought could be possible and it continues to progress. Cell Phones are... Read More

30 Inspirational TED Talks on Design and Creativity

TED Talks is an annual conference that defines its mission as “ideas worth spreading”. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It started out in the early 1984 as a conference, bringing together people from those 3 worlds. Since then, its scope has become ever broader. The annual conference now brings together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives. I think the best part about TED, apart from the... Read More