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40 most incredible CG artworks of monstrous creatures

incredible cg characters

Well, its friday and I know the weekend is upon us so I thought, a great way to start this perfect weekend is by getting some inspiration. This post is for all the CG Fans out there and those who love creating CG artwork and have been sursprising us with their awesome talent. I showcased some of the most beautiful CG artwork of women a couple of weeks ago. The idea for this article is completely diabolical compared to that. In this article I have showcased some of the strangest, deadliest and most horrific CG characters of all time.

3D computer graphics (CG) art is capable of generating the most realistic and incredible effects which was once claimed utterly impossible. The extent to which 3-D CG can replicate human characteristics is simply breathtaking. With the power of CG art, one could easily mistake images for real life portraits.

Adding textures and adding multiple layers of photo realistic materials is quite easy once you have created the wire frame of your character. However, the modeling itself is the real hard part. If you are trying to create a photo realistic person with all the features correctly modeled and textured, you need to spend hours together. CG tools like 3DSMax, Poser and ZBrush have completely transformed the way we create CG art. Its popularity is ever-exploding, giving more CG artists the power to create stunning digital art, gradually bridging the gap between the virtual and the real worlds.

1) Baron (via Tsvetomir Georgiev)

cg monster character

2) Wolfman via Fireantz

cg monster characters

3) Doom  by Tsvetomir Georgiev

cg monster characters

4) Tortured Souls via CG Atrworld

5) ’86 Predator via Christian Hecht

cg monster

6) Minotaur by Mattias Nordon

cg monster

7) Gladiator by Jonas Thornqvist

cg monster

8 ) Stalker by Stoyan Dimitrov

cg monster

9) Ogre by Johan Vikstrom

10) Corak the hunter via Red Eye Studio

11) Golem by Andey Svorodin

12) Venom by Anto Juricic

cg monster

13) Rottoroo by Sami Mustonen

cg monster

14) Beasty by Ahmed Adel

cg monster

15) Orc Boy by Targete

16) Hunter via Maximilian

17) Undead Warriors by Dennis

cg monster

18) Chupacabra by Andrei Szasz

19) Ares by Dimirty

cg monsters

20) After the battle by Jerry Switalski

21) Your opponent is me by Xiayou Wang

22) Mafia Pug by Rohit Singh

23) Space Creature by Lorenzo Chiovoloni

cg monster creatures

24) Smoking Creature by Marco

incredible and realistic cg monsters

25) Ethereal by Wen JR

26) Atrocity by bigreek

27) Drone by Candylab

28) Frankenstein by Montyband

29) Monster by Bfatz

incredible cg monsters

30) Creature by Psionic

31) Vampire by Caio Cesar

32) Dino Monsters by AIRt

cg monster characters

33) Stick by AIRt

34) Mutant by Damien Canderle

35) Zombly head by Tsvetomir

36) Anti Venom by Candylab

cg monster character

37) Draken by Sancient

38) The Lizzard by Valentin Yovchev

incredibly realistic cg character

39) Wampir Troll by Michael Pavlovich

40) Insect Man by Frederico Scarbani


1) Character Modelling in Blender -CGTuts

tutorial for creating cg characters in blender

2) Making of the Red Hulk

tutorial for creating incredible hulk in zbrush

3) Speed Sculpting a Vampire

4) Making of a Dino Monster

5) Baking ZBrush materials to texturemaps

6) Create a Demon like monster in 3DS Max and ZBrush

Well, thats about it. Hope you got a good dose of some scary inspiration. I appreciate the hard work and hours of rendering the PC had to perform to come with such breath taking artworks. Of course, 100% of the credit goes to the artist for the brilliant concept. I think that was a great way to start the weekend. I didn’t want you to ruin it and therefore showcased some really cool stuff. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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15 Responses to “40 most incredible CG artworks of monstrous creatures”
  1. Luigi says:

    holy crap… there’s some really scary ones in there :D
    i love that “Tortured Souls” one

  2. Hermitbiker says:

    …. a very cool showcase with some extremely incredible “monster-types”, a couple look almost sad, while most of the rest look like they can’t wait to cause some very extreme pain and eventually death, but very slowly !! :) Thanks Brukhar for sharing this great blog with me…. “Richworks” with great posts by Richie, hmmm, maybe he created this blog too !! Thanks Richie for gathering this awesome collection together !! :)

  3. Wow! Really cool. Some of these pics are really impressive. Thanks for sharing!


    .-= Dany Vilela´s last blog ..Unpublished: April 2010 =-.

  4. Sid says:

    An Excellent monster collection.. haha .. loved the piggy man ..
    .-= Sid´s last blog ..Importance of 404 Pages =-.

  5. Ben says:

    excellent – pretty weird and scary looking characters here – thnks ben
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Awesome Banner Giveaway From U Printing =-.

  6. Jörn says:

    Awesome! This really rocks :-)
    Very nice collection.
    .-= Jörn´s last blog ..Design Ressources: PSD iPad template =-.

  7. They should take some of these and put them in films…

  8. PSDDude says:

    WoW! Extremely scary ! Great Artist Great Art Works!
    .-= PSDDude´s last blog ..The Red Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland =-.

  9. Jahangir says:

    Extremely creative work.

    1. Don’t you think “Orc Boy by Targete” is looking like George Bush? :D

    2. “Your opponent is me by Xiayou Wang” SUPER CREATIVE. Looking very real or natural.

  10. wfly81 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the Frankenstein monster looks like Keith Richards? lol

  11. Bill Olsen says:

    wow – you found all my old college room mates, except for that one guy from ohio

  12. Awesome collection man, these are some quality pieces!

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    In this article I have showcased some of the strangest, deadliest and most horrific CG characters of all time….

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