Things you should know before writing a guest article

For those of you who are new to blogging and are desperately in need of promoting your blog and also looking for a quick way to do it, writing a guest article is the perfect solution. One of the key ways to get yourself on the map is get noticed by the key people. Writing a guest article in some of the popular blogs, not only puts you in the spot light, but when well written and executed perfectly, will bring in a lot of praises and huge addition to your subscriber list.

One of the main reasons why some of the blogs are popular today is due to guest articles. People normally write guest articles for publicity or for contributing to the community. Either way, its a win-win situation. At the end of the day, you get the reputation and satisfaction you need and the owner get to take his mind off the hook for a while before he needs to garner new ideas.

In this article, I have shared some of my opinions about what I think you should know before writing a guest article. I am entrusted to say that these opinions are from my perspective and they are the lessons I learnt as blogger and while writing guest articles in a few other blogs. In my next article, I shall be sharing some of my views on ‘What makes a great Guest article‘. Until then, I hope we can learn something here. So, Let us begin.

1) Do a thorough research

Before thinking of ideas to write a guest article, take a tour around the web to find out how many blogs are hosting guest authors or inviting guest articles. Once you find out, make a list of those blogs and take some time to browse through some of their articles and pick those which perfectly match your interest and expertise. Finding the right idea and the right inspiration takes a lot of hard work, but it surely pays off in the end.

Here are a few list of blogs that accept guest articles and are doing really great in terms of daily visits. They are ordered according to their PR. If you know more, please add them in the comment section and I shall add them here:

2) Get your blog ready


Pretty soon, you will be writing a guest article in the blogs you’ve listed and people are definitely going to visit your site for more information about you. So make sure, you blog is up to date with relevant information.

Well, in particular, you need to ensure that your blog has :

  • Quality posts
  • A good design
  • Links to your presence in other social networks
  • Subscription options
  • Contact Page

3)Ask before you leap


The fact is that there are so many young authors like you who are interseted in writing guest articles and are trying to make themselves known to a bigger community. So, all their posts will not be accepted. This may be because they get many requests of guest articles, or maybe they accept guest posts only from people they know, because this is a way to make sure they do not deviate from the niche content then always provide. Some of the times, it may be due to the fact that your ideas on the guest article may not suit their readers. The best thing to do is to contact the Blog’s Owner and let him know that you are interested in writing for their blog.

Here are a few guidelines that you should remember while sending out the mail :

  • Introduce yourself and let them know that you have thoroughly browsed through some of their articles and found it interesting and that you would love to contribute to their blog and the community.
  • Do not hesitate to share your ideas with them and ask for their opinions about it. Maybe they will chip in some of their cool ideas as well. After all, who knows their blog better?
  • Provide links to some of your blog’s popular articles so that they get an idea about your writing style and content.
  • Let them know how they can benefit from your article. Always be humble and respect the fact that ‘you’ are asking for the opportunity.
  • Do not forget to add a proper subject in the email. There are many spam mails that is flooding our in-boxes everyday, so there are chances that your mail might go unnoticed.
  • Keep the body of the mail short and succinct. Try to give out the main idea as quickly as possible.
  • In case if you do not get a reply within a few days, send a friendly remainder just in case they might have forgotten to see your mail. If you do not get a reply even then, it is safe to assume that they aren’t interested in any guest articles at the moment.

4) Get Noticed


The important thing to note here is that once you send the mail, you can pretty much surely expect the owner to visit your blog. So, it’s a good idea to get yourself and your blog noticed by the blogs’ owners before you contact them. Here are a few prerequisites that you should follow before mailing them.

  • Try to visit their blog on a regular basis and read some of the good articles you can find in it. This can usually be found in the ‘Popular articles’ List.
  • Always provide valuable comments and make sure you do this regularly. This will surely help you in gaining their attention.
  • Try to write an article on your blog and provide relevant links to some of their articles. Not only will they appreciate you for the mention but it might also lead them to add a few links to your articles whenever necessary.
  • While sending them an email them, let them know how much you like their blog and that, it has been a great source of inspiration to you and your articles.
  • Create a signature that reflects your profession or your blog and add it your mail clients.

I recently added a email signature into my gmail client and I got a good response for it. Adding a signature not only elevates your professionalism but also makes others believe that you are really serious about your requests/offers.Read about the art and importance of having a email signature here, a really good article over at Smashing Magazine, and it is a guest post :)

Here is a little tutorial on how to create an elegant signature and add it to your mails.

  1. This works only if you are using Chrome as your web browser. First, download the extension – Black Canvas GMail Signatures
  2. Visit the Online HTML editor and create a signature. Visit Marco’s article for a detailed tutorial on how to do this.
  3. Get the source(html) code of the signature and open GMail. Click on Compose mail and click on the icon that says ‘Edit Signature’, and Paste the html code from the online editor and Save it. This will automatically add a signature to your future mails.

5) To write or not write


Sometimes, we tend to unintentionally write articles without being aware of the fact that similar articles have already been written in other blogs. Remember, you are writing articles for bigger blogs than yours which has a better readership area. So, if you commit a small blunder, your reputation is at stake. Try to search for articles which you think is conflicting you ideas and thoughts. Try to deviate from them as much as possible.

Don’t forget to check out the amazing article over at OneExtraPixel : A complete guide to writing a Guest Article. It has some really valuable information.

Here are a few dark areas(Thanks to quickonlinetips) that will surely black list your presence in the community. Try not to delve into this area.

  • Sponsored/paid articles and links.
  • Previously published by you in same/modified form on your/any other site.
  • Self promotional articles for your product/service.
  • Promoting individual products/services/companies.
  • Containing affiliate links / Sponsored links.
  • Containing irrelevant links.
  • Hidden info/Misrepresentation of facts and figures.
  • Fake author info (nicknames are OK though)
  • Copied and modified articles from any site.
  • Inappropriate / abusive language
  • Defamatory content / suggestion
  • Linking out to banned sites / adult sites.
  • Copyrighted content

Well, that’s about it. In my next article, I will share some of my views on ‘How to effectively write a Guest Article that stands out‘. Until then, you can get prepared. Good Luck and Happy blogging :)

Also, I am happy to announce that I am accepting guest articles in this blog. You can just mail me your thoughts and ideas to or you can use the contact form and I shall definitely publish them, provided it follows the above points. I will be more than happy if you are interested in contributing. Together, we can make the design world a better place to live in. Just click on the image below and mail us. We will get back to you shortly.

guest_articleYou can check out some of the guest articles that was previously published in this blog. I try my best to make sure my guest authors get all the attention and appreciation they deserve. After all, without guest writers, we cannot manage growth and social networking alone. Its hard to notice but its all because of the community, we are able to get motivated everyday to produce great content.

Guest Posts:

Alex Di Giovanni: Create a Retro Futuristic Typography

Tom Walker : 30 Logo Designs with creative use of negative space

Mohammad Jeprie : Create a slick External Hard disk in Photoshop

So, what are your thoughts about this article? Do you feel there is anything else one should know before writing a guest article? Please feel free to share some of your experiences in this regard. Thank you and Good Luck!

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  1. Nice read. Thanks for the article, i agree to all the points you stated.
    .-= Vikas Ghodke´s last blog ..Giveaway 3 Licenses of Sunburst WordPress theme =-.

  2. jeprie says:

    Some people, like me, wrote to earn money. So, let them know that you wish for it.
    Btw, 1stwebdesigner has a very good support for their guest writer. I love writing for them.
    .-= jeprie´s last blog ..How to Draw A Realistic Eksternal Hard Disc =-.

  3. This is a great article Rich. I really enjoy reading it, and I agree with it.

    Thanks for writing it Rich!
    .-= Nikola Lazarevic´s last blog ..Credit Cards – Creative Designs And Concepts =-.

    • Richie says:

      Thanks a lot, Nik. I see a lot of guest articles in various blogs these days and thought I could chip in some valuable opinions about it. I’m glad that you agree with some of my points

  4. Ben Rama says:

    great post Rich nicely put together , – although I have personally found guest writing for psd fan and My ink blog doesn’t bring in as much traffic as I had thought but hey like you said it for the community – its great practice and networking aswell

    .-= Ben Rama´s last blog ..Sven Sauer’s Stunning Art Which Deserves Your Attention =-.

    • Richie says:

      Yeah. Sometimes, the guest author gets unnoticed. I personally contact my guest authors and ask whether they got appreciated for their work. If not, I try my best to let everyone know that they have done a great work.

      Thats the reason I have added the links at the end of this post. So, that people can appreciate the effort they put into writing the articles.

  5. Duane says:

    One of the best ways to get noticed is to leave useful and meaningful comments on the blogs you want to guest post on. I have been offered guest post opportunities a number of times from this.
    If you are going to approach a blog directly asking to guest post, I would recommend that you already have the post written in advance. That shows that you have commitment, and the editor can assess in advance whether or not your writing style is suitable for their blog.
    .-= Duane´s last blog ..How Can We Improve the Design Community? =-.

    • Richie says:

      Thats really a great tip, Duane. Leaving wise comments on blogs always is a great way to build the community and also attract other visitors to check out your blog and maybe even invite you write a guest article :)

      Exactly, I have mentioned the same thing in Point 2. Let them know about your popular posts and articles so that they can assess your writing skills

  6. Yeah, guest posting is a great way of delivering traffic back to your own blog too and getting subscribers. Commitment is the key! It’s hard to get your own content out as well as delivering guest posts, that’s why I too am looking for guest writers. If you would add my link to that would be great!

    Cheers, and thanks for the post
    .-= Robin Bastien´s last blog ..What do you do when you’re not designing? =-.

    • Richie says:

      You are right, Robin. Its extremely hard to write guest articles and keep you blog running in top speed at the same time. It need a lot of hard work and an efficient time management topology.

      I will surely add your link to the list, Robin. Thanks for your input :)

  7. Very helpful and interesting article. This is what i was searching for. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep up your good work Richie.
    .-= Yagnesh Ahir´s last blog ..Where did it take Us? =-.

  8. Nishant says:

    Very nice article! I am sure this would help many bloggers including me who’re about to start their guest writing!

  9. Imon says:

    Lovely post Rich. I was unaware about the signature feature in gmail, I found that really useful.

    .-= Imon´s last blog ..Selection Of Textured Websites =-.

  10. zuls says:

    I like the tip of to write or not to write. I do receive some invitations locally (in local language), and I found that your article are very helpful.
    .-= zuls´s last blog ..Your #Twitter account is yours =-.

  11. NavaPavan says:

    Cool tips Richi also tanx for providing the list of sites which offers for guest writing
    .-= NavaPavan´s last blog ..Namitha Shows Her Thighs and Cleavage at Beach =-.

  12. Morné says:

    Hi Richie

    A lot of good tips here, hope you will keep it coming. I think I will be doing some guest post in the future.

    Thanks a lot again! :D

  13. Sathish says:

    Great article, Preparing a blog and some articles, these are invaluable ideas.


  14. This is a really helpful article! Thanks for sharing.

  15. David Ball says:

    Thanks these are great tips but I have a question, what are the rules about submitting the same article to many different websites. I have many friends who are fiction writers and submit their stories to publishers who will buy the rights to the story, meaning the author cannot republish their story anywhere else.
    Is this the same for blog articles? Once it’s been published on a website do they own the publishing rights or can you republish the same article on another blog?

  16. keeyo says:

    It would be good to have guest writers follow your tips. I had a website before that offers guest posting and I get atleast 10 articles per day. I was happy at first because I don’t have to write more often for that site since there are guest posts that are coming in. But days passed and I’ve found out that the articles submitted on my previous site was just copied or spinned from other site. This made me remove guest posting on my site.

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