Creative and unusual typefaces from HandMadeFont

I cannot imagine anyone who doesn’t love typefaces. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the things we see. Well, not literally but that’s how we express our love towards typography. In typography, a typeface is a set of one or more fonts, in one or more sizes, designed with stylistic unity, each comprising a coordinated set of glyphs. A typeface usually comprises an alphabet of letters, numerals, and punctuation marks; it may also include ideograms and symbols, or consist entirely of them, for example, mathematical or map-making symbols.

The term typeface is frequently conflated with font. The distinction between font and typeface is that a font designates a specific member of a type family such as roman, boldface, or italic type, while typeface designates a consistent visual appearance or style which can be a “family” or related set of fonts. For example, a given typeface such as Arial may include roman, bold, and italic fonts.

The art and craft of designing typefaces is called type design. Designers of typefaces are called type designers, and often typographers. In digital typography, type designers are also known as font developers or font designers. (src : wikipedia)

Well, as designers we love typography and type design. There are certain rules and protocols we need to follow when we use the basic aspects of typography, which I shall save it for another time. What if, some designers took the concept of typography to the next level by creating typefaces which are visually stunning and yet so realistic in appearance. Well, we have such a showcase today in this article. Meet the Font Foundry from Estonia, Hand Made Font(HMF).

HMF was founded in 2008 by Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov. They specialize in developing unique, nontraditional fonts. Their source of inspiration is almost everything that surrounds them. This can be clearly seen in their work. On their website, they offer completed fonts that you can buy and use freely. Developed fonts are of such a high standard that they can be very widely used, from business cards to an outdoor advertisement.

They work on a various range of commissions across different budgets. Their work has been published among various magazines and journals. They also create different visual communication solutions for a range of clients and industries and their projects involve art direction, branding, stationery, publications, exhibitions, websites, packaging and signage systems.

Here are some of their coolest typefaces, or shall I say hand made fonts, that these guys have created. If you have loved their work, I suggest you head over to their website to buy some of their fonts as these are for sale :)

Well, those were just a few of the many hand made typefaces from HMF. You can head over to their website and take an awesome tour. I’m sure you will get inspired just the way I got.

If you have little or no clue about the usage of these typefaces, I have collected a few instances where they are being used. Take a look:

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  1. Another great post Rich! Amazing typefaces. Thanks :)
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  2. Vladimir says:

    Interesting article.

  3. Great pictures, especially the one from H&M. I saw it in Antwerpen, where I was for a weekend in a bed and breakfast antwerpen.
    .-= Betrouwbaar Thuiswerk´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  4. Sam Pierce says:

    Wowww this is a fantastic post. I am excited to see this, it’s truly amazing and i love all the fonts here.

  5. Jarrod says:

    these are some very creative fonts. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the post.
    The Woodlands Texas | The Woodlands TX Appraiser

  6. Thanks for sharing the creative fonts.You have been done the great job.

  7. error fix says:

    I am excited to see this, it’s truly amazing and i love all the fonts here.

  8. Susan Mark says:

    great pics with very nice fonts and colors
    accounting logo | Dental Logo | Financial Logo

  9. rickey says:

    This is a good piece; I was wondering if I could use this blog post on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.
    Elite Club

  10. Wow, that first one really hurts my eyes!

  11. Regine says:

    Those are great typefaces! Personally I can’t even draw a face of a human I always a hard time making a good drawing,

    Regie @ baggellini bags

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  2. Creative and unusual typefaces from HandMadeFont…

    What if, some designers took the concept of typography to the next level by creating typefaces which are visually stunning and yet so realistic in appearance….

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