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50 Photoshop Disasters that will make you say OMG!

We all know how Photoshop has entirely transformed the world of design with its path breaking tools. It has paved way for improvement, mastery and ever increasing urge to create newer and better designs. Photoshop is loved so much these days that people just go beyond creating amazing stuff with it.

We all commit mistakes. It is from these mistakes, that we learn and understand better. So, its OK of we make mistakes once in a while. But, if you continue the trend, you are pretty much going to end up as a laughing stock. Photoshopdisasters and Photoshopmistakes have the best collection of Photoshop blunders. I searched the websites for some really funny and fresh bloopers and wanted to share them with you.

Out of all the disasters that happened, these are the ones we can laugh about a lot. Everybody makes mistakes but these photoshop disasters are made by people who make a lot of dollars and are not really supposed to make these kinds of mistakes, and this is what makes it so fun to see.

In this article, I have showcased some of the worst Photoshop disasters and have also pointed out the exact flaw, just in case. So, Have fun, and learn something from these mistakes :)

1) Pepsi Challenged

PepsiCo is a US-based international corporation with a market capitalization of $107 billion and 185,000 employees. They aren’t very good at doing reflections

2) Lexar 8 GB

8GB. 8GB. 8GB.8GB 8GB 8GB….. Eight gigabytes. 8GB. 8GB 8GB 8GB. 8GB. Eight…… 4GB!!!

3) Azoogle: this was really well thought

Well these Azoogle guys look pretty legit. Look at that huge check! There’s absolutely no way that’s not real, and I know ‘cos I’m an expert at faking pictures and stuff. His shadow explains everything :)

4) Heine more mobius than Mobel

I wish I could design such a furniture in real life….

5) Silvio Berlusconi

Oh Silvio. I have no problem with your mafia connections, your masonic lodge business, the tax fraud, the false accounting, the bribing of judges, embezzlement, seducing young girls, etc. We all do that kind of thing. But when you start pumping up your crowds with Photoshop you cross the line, mister.

6) V: Aliens ate my Clipping path

Mixing line work and photography is a difficult task graphically. It requires excellent judgement and carefully feathered masking to……. SCREW IT JUST USE A CLIPPING PATH ITS ONLY THE COVER

7) Imagine Babies

iStockPhoto does sell the images, you know. You don’t have to just copy-paste it here… or wait.. have you heard about Photoshop??

8 ) Wacom Mole

Yo Tyler, Why don’t you get a ‘REAL’ Pen so that the ad doesn’t appear so crappy

9) Time Magazine Voting Machine

Make it  8 things ……. the Shadows there…. seems kinda messed up..

10) Levi’s – Epic Reflection Failure

Yeah…. right…. Quality never goes out of style.. especially when you don’t have a clue about the reflections

11) Toy boy shades of unlikeliness

Toy Boy is the first part of the trilogy of fail that is the Spread disaster. Recurrent theme: Implausible sunglasses.

12) Sharper images now with X – Rays

Thats one powerful projector. I gotta buy it.

13) Lens Flare solves everything

My god… what are they taking pictures of?? His c****h?? :D

14) Taka Jewelery : Barely necked ladies

You call that twirling? Twirl harder! Twirl goddammit!

15) Stocking Girl, you got hosed

Hey good move. It isn’t as though your business depends on the quality of your photography or anything.

16) Galapagos Explorer: Uh huh!!

Man!!!….. these reflections are some real hard thing to accomplish…..

17) Crazy on the outside : Attack of the cutouts

HEY YOU THERE, I need you to put a poster together for this movie and we only have a bunch of OLD HEADSHOTS to work with and we need finished artwork in TEN MINUTES and then we’re going to FIRE YOU. GET STARTED!

18) Apple iPod for mother’s day

Don’t worry, if your mom doesnt know what that black piece of plastic is or how to use it, she can always look at its reflection for the hidden message. For those of you who are not able to get the flaw… check out the wrong side of the iPod being reflected on the standing one.

19) Don’t buy Make Up, just buy Photoshop

Oh Yeah!!….. Thats what I call a Instant face lift… I wonder how many people got their money back!!

20) Asos : Mayday

Looks as though someone didn’t read the washing instructions.

21) JLH : Feet destroyed by Maxim

22) Lexus SUV

Out of the world Perspective and unrealistic Shadows are the best way to screw up a great looking car advert.

23) Kenwood : Right to bare arms

You are not from around here, are you boy? ……. Coz… we have huge hands here… which come out of nowhere !!

24) Ow… My Leg…..

I don’t care if you have been crushed against the wall! Keep smiling!

25) Graphics : Undetectable Comping

Let’s establish some ground rules here. You can either say a missing reflection is deliberate, or that someone is convincingly boating around in an upturned beach umbrella. You can’t have both. On the other hand, if this is a calculated attempt to get onto PsD then I salute you, sir.

26) The floating table

Gee.. I gotta learn how to do that… They call it magic..

27) The Spiderman Chronicles

Mirror.. Mirror.. on the wall…. What’s wrong with your hand, spidey?

28) Golf : the funny just became funnier

Wow.. I gotta learn how to take a picture like that one… Who is in the front, anyway??

29) Lifestyle: Kardashian Diet secret

The heartbreaking aspect of this disaster is that the Kardashian women always seemed quite comfortable being well-upholstered and real. So it’s kind of weird that they turn up in Life & Styleflaunting a whole bunch of crudely liquified backgrounds and clone-happy body parts.

30) Elle Shoulder

Liquify filter gone horribly wrong on Lady Gaga’s right shoulder..

31) Check out my rims.

I wish my BMW had rims like that….

32) Axelrod Aquaplanning

There’s nothing that gives you greater confidence in a company than seeing iStockphoto’s watermark on their homepage. In the masthead.

33) Swedish Taxi : hard to handle

Hey here’s a cab. You know, come to think of it, maybe I’ll walk instead.

34) Bangkok Dangerous : Movie Posters

Is that really his arm? ….. That what Nicholas Cage wants us to believe :P

35) New York Lottery : In dog, we trust

Now you know where the prize money for the New York lottery comes from; little puppies shit it out. Kind of obvious really.

36) Armani Exchange : going out on limb

We hear the words “insane art direction” far too often these days, so it’s nice to have an image that properly captures the sentiment.

37) Digital Photoshop disaster of the year

If only there were some way to make images from scenes in real life and somehow make them into computer files, but alas, there is probably no such technology.

38) Everybody’s fine… No, they are not!

Who’s taking the picture?

39) Gap wristful thinking

So, is that your hand in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

40) Belgian Toy Store

The tragic part is that they actually tried to make it into a reflection

41) Takers not keepers

Welcome to ‘Wear funny face masks to work’ day…. Argh ack hhrrrrrrrr hrrrrrrrrr. Acckkkk ack ptui bleh brrrr.

42) Macmalll : Perspec – you – what!!

Way to go, MacMall! In one fell swoop you’ve demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that Macs aren’t just for graphics folk!

43) I got Lance in my pants

OMG… What did they do to her…..  Besides generally being a disaster of an image, is the brand actually “Toast Chee” ?

44) Magazine Rehab

45) Sims Face off


46) Vizio : Your experience may vary

Clipping path? Is it a type of gardening?

47) A quick one off the wrist

Oi! Lefty! You’re freaking the kids out!

48) Burda : Limbo

It’s called vitamin D, it isn’t expensive.

49) Lettuce never forgets

50) Spiderman meets Squidboy

So, which one ticked you off the most. Which one do you think is the worst disaster of them all? Feel free to share any opinions if you like. Lets make the world, a better place to live in. :)

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53 Responses to “50 Photoshop Disasters that will make you say OMG!”
  1. Ben Rama says:

    nice roundup v interesting ,I spent ages looking at each one : ) cheers Rich
    .-= Ben Rama´s last blog ..6 Stunning Floral Brushes =-.

  2. hehehe great round up Rich :)

    it’s hard to pick just one, cos they all incredible but i think my fav for now is: Check out my rims!
    .-= Nikola Lazarevic´s last blog ..Best WordPress Plugins To Promote Your Site =-.

  3. millca says:

    How is #18 a mess up? Isn’t “iPod” written under the Apple on the pack of iPods? It’s not a reflection but what’s actually imprinted on the back side of the right iPod’s back. I don’t have a new iPod to check but my iPhone says “iPhone” on the back. I could be wrong though as I know I don’t have the stock back of my original iPhone 3G anymore.

  4. Josh says:

    Great Stuff!
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..Dreams =-.

  5. FAQPAL says:

    Amazing post, thanks for the share.
    .-= FAQPAL´s last blog ..Inject Custom Ad Blocks Between Paragraphs in WordPress =-.

  6. Melody says:

    18 is messed up because the screen is oddly reflected at a horrible perspective on the back of the ipod–when it is not even facing it.
    Jennifer love hewitt kinda looks like she’s trying to fart lol..
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..TGISF!:Link Love for March 8-12 =-.

  7. Really entertaining post. Awesome stuff Richie!
    .-= Logobird Designs´s last blog ..Beyond the Brief – Undertanding a Logo Design Client =-.

  8. Imon says:

    Haha very nice article, each pic had me in tears
    .-= Imon´s last blog ..Create A Killer WordPress Portfolio Site =-.

  9. Mihai O. says:

    Great roundup! :))
    .-= Mihai O.´s last blog ..Over 100 Blogs Which You Should Follow =-.

  10. Jaron says:

    The Lance ad does indeed have the brand name correct, though the model is frighteningly proportioned. Other brands from the company include “Nip Chee,” and “Golden Chees.”

  11. Holly says:

    Now that is funny! Great post!
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Interview with Cerven Cotter of pixeldeath =-.

  12. Kawsar Ali says:

    I have some of them before. Always funny seeing Photoshop Disasters. Nice round up rich.
    .-= Kawsar Ali´s last blog ..20 Free Fonts for Fresh Corporate Designs =-.

  13. stygyan says:

    Hey man, the #18 is not a disaster at all. The Ipod thingie is not a reflection, is the engraved word in the back of the ipod.
    .-= stygyan´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  14. Idzyne4u2 says:

    what kills me? is these people all are employed ! . I do this work for a living and it kills me to think they could all still getting a paycheck ! what a farse !! Funny tho thanks ! =)

    • Richie says:

      Yeah… these blunders are committed by experienced design teams.
      They have to realise these ads are being shown all over the world and they are such a bad example for the younger generation… lol

  15. Chris says:

    Thanks for the laugh! What’s so sad about these is seeing that even the heavy hitters like Amazon and Elle publish such obvious flaws. Come on’, people.
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Monday Marketing Meeting—Open Question to Affiliate Marketers =-.

  16. Wow, it’s amazing how so many big boys get it wrong.. where is the QA department?
    .-= Sydney Web Design´s last blog ..Website Design : A business Marketing Tool =-.

  17. Very cool, what would be understandable is a small player getting it wrong, but multi-million(billion) dollar companies that try to cut corners or fail to actually QA there own product marketing strategies prior to public release.

    Although, must admit, I probably wouldn’t pick up on a lot of them, until they were pointed out.

    • Richie says:

      haha….. you are right, Thomas. There is so much at stake when they commit such horrible mistakes. We are talking about global brands here, and not some local supermarket products.

      I don’t think this is reviewed by the QA dept. If it is, i dare not to think how dumb they might be.. :D

      Yeah.. some need careful observation to detect the flaw

      • DT Designs says:

        Firstly, thanks for the post.

        It is no shock really that these big brands have these stuff ups. It should not happen! but it does, I am not sure WHY. Although it could be interesting finding out if some of the bigger company’s such as Apple had an agency, freelancer or in house designers work on it.
        .-= DT Designs´s last blog ..What is Social Media Marketing? =-.

  18. ffarhann says:

    This is very neat and detailed. Expect more from you! :D
    .-= ffarhann´s last blog ..Astonishing Sculptures from Talented Artist, Kate Macdowell =-.

  19. Ted Rex says:

    Wow, just wow. The reflection mistakes are just inexcusable. How do these people have jobs when so many of us are still looking?

    Great post. I featured this as one of the three links today on my Design Thought blog:

    All the best, Ted

  20. Swaran Singh says:

    I liked the 2nd one i.e. Lexar 8 GB. This is really funny as how a designer can do such a big mistake specially when his work is going to be shown everywhere. This one really amazed me ;)

  21. Cheryl says:

    On #43 – it really is toast chee.

    On # 18 you might want to try setting up two iTouches and see. They have a curved back which warps the reflection. I tried it with a Classic and an iTouch and it pretty much did that same reflective thing with the front of one reflecting on the back of the other.

  22. Joe says:

    This is incredible, big company do not watch those campain before publishing ??? I don’t really understand them, are they professionnal ?

  23. PG says:

    Yeah, awesome… What the hell is wrong with Takers pic????

  24. They have a curved back which warps the reflection

  25. Matt says:

    The giant cheque the Azoogle fella is holding up is def 100% legit – not only does his shadow reveal the truth but his reflection in the Hummer does as well!

  26. Amy-MAy says:

    The Ipod one isn’t a disaster, its actually not a relflection but the logo of the actual Ipod itself ;)


  27. yaya says:

    29 isn’t a fail the tape goes behind her then infront then is held in back

  28. Black Linux list Little loading logo look lover magazine !!!

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