30 Awesome collection of high quality splatter brushes and tutorials

Having a good collection of Photoshop brushes is a must for any graphic designer. There is certainly no shortage of Photoshop brushes on the Web these days. The problem with Photoshop brushes isn’t in finding them, but in finding quality ones. In this article, I have collected and shared 30 of the coolest Ink, paint and blood splatter brushes which might come in handy for your next project. In addition to that, I have also given links to some cool tutorials which utilize these... Read More

Things you should know before writing a guest article

For those of you who are new to blogging and are desperately in need of promoting your blog and also looking for a quick way to do it, writing a guest article is the perfect solution. One of the key ways to get yourself on the map is get noticed by the key people. Writing a guest article in some of the popular blogs, not only puts you in the spot light, but when well written and executed perfectly, will bring in a lot of praises and huge addition to your subscriber list. One... Read More

30+ minimalistic wallpapers inspired by Helvetica

Typography is said to be the backbone of web design, but we all know it’s also an art by itself. And as designers, we are obsessed with typography. Whether it is to enhance the looks of a website or to express ideas, typography is always there to make sure, you are on the right path. At this very moment, in boardrooms across the globe, designers are leafing through sheet after sheet of typefaces. There are thousands of choices, but many of these movers and shakers don’t... Read More

Create a Slick External Hard Disk in Photoshop

We all love gadgets, either collecting them or designing them. Gadgets are the favorite subjects fo viagra price r many designers. Designing them is an incredible way to improve your general skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (or any other design-related tool). You will learn a lot of new stuff everytime you create such designs, even if you are an expert in it. Once you know the basics, you can pretty much experiment a lot and create cool concept designs. We have a new... Read More

45 breathtakingly realistic CG Portraits of women + Tutorials

3D computer graphics (CG) art is capable of generating the most realistic and incredible effects which was once claimed utterly impossible. The extent to which 3-D CG can replicate human characteristics is simply breathtaking. With the power of CG art, one could easily mistake images for real life portraits. Adding textures and adding multiple layers of photo realistic materials is quite easy once you have created the wire frame of your character. However, the modeling itself... Read More

35 new and stunning black wallpapers for your desktop

Desktop wallpapers always are the first thing that inspire us as we switch to the Digital world. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination. Wallpapers never fail to provide a fresh perspective of our imagination and it does so in a monotonous work flow. However, desktop wallpapers sometimes can go far beyond offering a colorful energy. They symbolize the personality, invigorating nature and mentality of our being. In... Read More

50 Photoshop Disasters that will make you say OMG!

We all know how Photoshop has entirely transformed the world of design with its path breaking tools. It has paved way for improvement, mastery and ever increasing urge to create newer and better designs. Photoshop is loved so much these days that people just go beyond creating amazing stuff with it. We all commit mistakes. It is from these mistakes, that we learn and understand better. So, its OK of we make mistakes once in a while. But, if you continue the trend, you are... Read More

30 Logo Designs with Creative Use of Negative Space

One of the great ways to add an impressive style to a logo is to use Negative Space. Negative Space refers to the “white space”, or “paper color” that shows through a design. Negative Space creates an interesting visual effect. It adds a subtle 3rd dimension, giving depth and a layered look to the logo. It is much more interesting to the eye than just a “positive” only object. By breaking up areas of solid color with negative, or white... Read More

How to avoid your Creativity Burnout

Creativity is a mental process involving the discovery or associations of new ideas or concepts, fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight. Where does this ‘Creativity’ come from? Is everyone creative? If not, what is stopping them from being so? These are some of the questions that always strike our mind when we talk about being creative. From what I have learnt from my experience in graphic designing and blogging, everyone is creative. It... Read More