Create a realistic leopard fur typography in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an animal inspired fur typography. Typography has always been an inspiration. After writing an article about the most inspirational typography, I was quite eager to try the fur typography, which I happened to see in Behance, quite some time ago. As i was experimenting with some brushes in Photoshop, I realized that it had a default ‘Grass’ brush which could be easily used to create this awesome typography. So, I sat down and experimented and this is what I came up with. Just for information, I am totally against cruelty to animals. I think these innocent and poor animals need compassion as they mean no harm to us and help us maintain the balance of life in nature. Well, I hope people realize that and help them survive and breed like they desire to be. Anyways, Let us move on the the tutorial now. I also have plans of releasing an awesome Safari inspired Social Icon set in a day or two. So, keep watching this space :)

Step 1:

As usual, open Photoshop and create a new document with size 500 x 300 px or anything bigger. Using the Type Tool(T), type a letter. I used the font Helvetica (yes.. finally, I bought the font :’) )

Step 2:

Click on the Brush tool(B) and press F5 to bring out the settings panel. We will be using the default brush provided in Photoshop which appears like a grass. Apply the following settings.

Step 3:

Create a new Layer above the text layer start brushing the outline of the text. Use the image below for reference.

Tip : Set the brush size proportional to the size of the fur/texture you will be using later

Step 4:

Depending upon the shape of the text, keep changing the angle of the brush by just rotating the axis as shown above. I have shown the process. Use the images as reference

Step 5:

Make sure the angle and the Flipping is always proportional to the shape and the direction of the text.

Step 6:

Finally, our brush layer must look something like this :

Step 6:

Now, CTRL + Click the brushed layer to get the selection as shown below:

Step 7:

Using the Lasso Tool and the option set to ‘Add to Selection’, create a selection as shown below. This is to include the inner part of the text as well.


Step 8:

Complete the entire inner unselected part in the similar manner.

Step 9:

Finally, our text must be looking something like this:

Step 10 :

Now, Grab the ‘Leopard Texture’ from here and paste it in the document. With the selection active, click on the texture and press SHIFT + CTRL + I to invert the selection. (We need to remove everything else that does not belong the the selected part)

Step 11 :

Now, Press Delete key to remove that extra part. Finally, make the text and the brush layer invisible by clicking on the tiny eye next to the layers and press CTRL + D to remove the selection. Our fur text looks something like this :

That’s all folks. We learnt how to create a fur typography in easy steps. This method can be adopted to create any kind of typography with hair/fur on them. I added a road stock image from Google Images and increased the levels and added  a few shadows to create this :

You can download new textures of fur and start creating you own typography styles.

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48 Responses to “Create a realistic leopard fur typography in Photoshop”
  1. DesignLovr says:

    Great Tutorial,

    I’m already looking forward to the icon set!

    It’s time that you get your own, custom wordpress theme btw. – let me know if you need any help with that (free of charge of course).

  2. Awesome tutorial Richie! The outcome is beautiful :)

  3. Great techniques! May be useful for something besides text too.

  4. Great job! Nice and easy tutorial to follow. The Safari collection looks great.

  5. lagatamona says:

    Excellent images… wow!!

  6. adi says:

    this will definitely help to improve photoshop skills…..superb tutorial!!!

  7. Lam Nguyen says:

    Great, biz biz! I cannot wait for the icon set. the step #5 in this tutorial really impresses me! Well done, Richie!

  8. Aha this is amazing! So simple yet it looks plai awesome! I’m going to try this right now. I might go a step further and try reptile prints =D

  9. Imon says:

    Awesome typography, thanks for the tutorial

  10. PsdDude says:

    Great idea and it looks so real! I like it 200%

  11. Esteban Demarchi says:

    Excellent tut, you inspired in

    Grettings ;)

  12. hailey says:

    this doesn’t work for me.
    i couldn’t get on it because it was blocked.

  13. favSHARE says:

    This article has been shared on Go and vote it!
    .-= favSHARE´s last blog ..30 Glamorous Windows 7 wallpapers for your PC =-.

  14. girlelixir says:

    I’ve seen alot of tutes but none that have prompted me to comment – very nice indeed.

  15. this is a great little tutorial :D

  16. Tim says:

    Every single one of the pictures is broken

  17. Merely wanna comment on few general things, The website design and style is perfect, the articles is rattling great :D.

  18. Pavan Somu says:

    Awesome… Thanks for the wonderful tut..

  19. Jan says:

    What I have is a tiny Letter, and HUGE pieces of fur/grass. ( I’m using Times new Roman 76 pt) . Image 1500 X 1080 pixels. Canvas Size 21 W X 15 H) What am I doing wrong? What size is your image? Beginner thanks you for any help.

    • Richie says:

      Jan, I’m not quite sure what you are having trouble with. Could you please be more elaborate? Thank you

      • Jan says:

        Richie, Is there anyway to post the image of what I have on my screen? (Just image a one inch letter with 10 inch fur!) Thanks for responding, but I don’t know how to explain it better. Obviously no one else is having this problem.

        • Richie says:

          You can use the Print screen button on your keyboard and whatever you have on your desktop will be copied to clipboard. Then you can go any image editor(photoshop, paint) and then paste it and save it..

          Then upload the saved image on and give me the direct link. I hope that helped…

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