30 most awesome Apple inspired concept designs

Whenever it comes to flawless designs, Apple has never disappointed us. Right from being the pioneer in modern computers (with the Macintosh); to the leader in the phone industry (with the iPhone), Apple has created wonders of the gadget world, or rather engineering marvels. This has inspired artists to design their own version of Apple products to show their love towards their favorite “Star”. We saw how Apple mesmerized us with the iPad, although some of us might... Read More

70 most creative advertisements featuring animals

When it comes to creativity, one of the best source of inspiration we can look for are the advertisements. Ads do not just endorse a product or a service, which it used to several years ago but nowadays send a strong message to the viewers in a very creative manner. It takes more than just a look at these to admire and appreciate the idea behind creating such a concept. I’m sure we agree advertisements are a fastest way to convey a strong message to the audience. Sometimes... Read More

How to Effectively write a design article

In one of my previous articles, we discussed about ‘How to become a kickass blogger‘. In that, I shared some of the points which I thought was really helpful for those of you who are new to blogging about design. Well, considering the amount of design blogs that are existent on the web, one needs to understand that – the usual way of writing any design article would not work anymore. When i say, the “usual way”, i mean articles such as roundups,... Read More

Create a retro grunge typographic poster in Photoshop

Retro and Grunge are quickly becoming a new trend. These type of designs are becoming more and more popular in a variety of design contexts like corporate designs, portfolios, poster work and nowadays, even blogs use both styles on a small and large scale. When applying “old-style” elements to their works, designers produce creative and appealing designs that make their websites stand out and look really different. If these type of retro look are executed carefully, the results... Read More

50 most awesome vexel art and tutorials

Vexel is a neologism for an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique. The word itself is a combination derived from a combination of “vector” and “pixel. Vexel designs are composed by using multiple layered shapes. It can be done in Photoshop, but these type of raster designs are not limited to only Photoshop but can be done with any image editing software that has a good Pen Tool. Instead of using... Read More

Awesome illustrations from the talented designer, Ricardo Gimenes

For those of you who have little idea of who I’m talking about, Ricardo is an awesome illustrator who manages and showcases his works at his personal website, ricardogimenes.com. Ricardo is a graphic/web/motion designer and free lancer who spends most of his time creating awesome illustrations of popular websites. He is working on a project called ‘Behind the Websites’ where he illustrates what people think about websites. Not only do these illustrations reflect... Read More

The 1st month of Richworks : My journey to become a kickass blogger

Hello guys, I am very overjoyed to announce that Richworks has officially completed its 1st month of blogging. What started as a ‘Everyone has, why not me?’ kind of a blog to ‘I’m absolutely loving what I do’ blog. This has been a great run for me and I am really enjoying sharing what I always loved to do. I give all the credit to my loyal readers. I have around 300 loyal RSS readers already and the main reason this blog has become what it is today... Read More

Create a realistic leopard fur typography in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an animal inspired fur typography. Typography has always been an inspiration. After writing an article about the most inspirational typography, I was quite eager to try the fur typography, which I happened to see in Behance, quite some time ago. As i was experimenting with some brushes in Photoshop, I realized that it had a default ‘Grass’ brush which could be easily used to create this awesome typography. So, I sat down... Read More

Create a realistic torn paper effect with coffee stains in Photoshop

Torn paper can be a key element in accomplishing a authentic collage look.  With the help of Photoshop’s Brush tool, we can practically achieve anything. There are not much tutorials on the web which tells you how to create the torn paper effect. A important aspect in creating elements in design is to add realism into them. There are so many instances while in web designing where there is a need to create a torn paper effect. This maybe in icons, comment section or anything... Read More