40 Most inspiring vector character illustrations

In my previous article, we saw some of the most awesome Illustrator tutorials ever made on the web. If you noticed, there were some really vector portraits as well. These vector portraits are nothing but the vector illustration of a reference photograph created using Illustrator, Inkscape or similar vector graphics tools. What makes them so amazing is the attention to detail given to each stroke in the illustration. This type of vector art requires tonnes of patience and hours... Read More

70 Most wanted Illustrator tutorials of all time

When it comes to web and graphic design, Adobe Illustrator is usually the primary option to consider. However, just like most other graphic design tools, it is easy to learn but extremely hard to master. Illustrator offers a variety of advanced tools to smooth out your design, optimize structure proportions and emphasize some beautiful details. If you have some experience with Illustrator then it is easy to learn the basics and quickly produce very impressive and beautiful results.... Read More

40+ most breath taking night shots of Las Vegas

Las Vegas – The city that never sleeps is truly a remarkable place to spend time in. It is a fantasy of every tourist, a paradise for every person. Whether you are a photographer or a big time industrialist, you’ve got to visit this city of lights at least once. Quite undeniably, it is the ‘Entertainment Capital of the world. In this article, I have shared over 40 beautiful night pictures of Las Vegas. These images were chosen from the best set of pictures... Read More

2500 Business Card Giveaway from Printox.com

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED. NO SUBMISSIONS HENCEFORTH WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED, THANK YOU Today, we have got a special announcement for our readers. The folks at Printox.com are giving away 2500 Free business cards with custom design and will be awarded to 2 lucky winners. Read More  Read More

Create an awesome leather studded icon in Photoshop + Free PSD

In this tutorial, we’ll go through simple, easy and effective steps for creating a nice leather studded social bookmark icon. There’s a light use of the Pen Tool in the tutorial, but most of it uses Selection Tools and shape tools to create this icon. The idea of writing this tutorial is to make sure that you’ll get familiar with some useful techniques which are otherwise not used. The inspiration for this icon came from the navigation bar in Elegant themes website. With... Read More

20 of the best Free Premium-like wordpress themes

We are seeing a considerable rise in the number of the design blogs. People are getting more motivated and inspired from the beautiful world of design. Also, not to mention the amount of bloggers out there who are continually contributing to the web community. Even though, all this seems pretty awesome, we spend almost 50% of the time searching for the best theme to suit or satisfaction. We go through redesigning our blog several times before we finally decide upon the best... Read More

45 of the best High Quality PSD Files from Deviantart

We have learnt so much from the thousands of tutorials in Photoshop from many deign blogs out there. It is always a great thing to experiment and keep trying newer effects and manipulating images and stuff. This way, you can learn a lot and also create new styles transforming some realy boring effects to quite exquisite designs. I have been searching for some of the best resources in the most reliable places possible and have collected 45 of the best psd resources there is. All... Read More

50 most brilliant typography designs for inspiration

As designers, we cannot escape typography. It’s everywhere on the web. It’s in the air we breathe, the things we see and most importantly, it’s in every design that makes us go ‘Wow!!’. As a extreme lover of typographic designs, I always try to seek inspiration from such designs. Designers use type to create breath-taking designs to communicate their ideas through their works. Infact, typography is definitely one of the most fascinating elements of design. Whether... Read More

Create a crumbled paper effect in Photoshop + PSD

I was searching for some icons for inspiration to write a tutorial and I stumbled upon an awesome set of icons which really perked me up. I noticed a subtle look in those icons and starting to create them using Photoshop. I know that creating icons in Illustrator is more professional than trying them out in Photoshop but since I’m still new to Illustrator, and Photoshop is not that bad in vector graphics, I decided to create them in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we will... Read More