Create a Super Cool 3D Text in Photoshop

We have seen so many tutorials on the web which uses the 3D text for creating awesome typographic images. Well, those 3D text are usually created using a 3D program like 3DSMax, Xara 3D, Cinema 4D and so on. But, what if you don’t have such high profile 3D tools. Especially, if you are not a hard core CG Artist, you wouldn’t be needing these stuff. If your aim is to create simple 3dText, you can easily achieve it in Photoshop itself. In this tutorial, we will learn... Read More

Stunning typography from exceptional artists around the world

There doesn’t seem any end to graphic and design artists in this world. Inspiration is persuasive, no doubt about that. Especially when it comes to typographic designs. They never cease to amaze you. I stumbled across an article which had several works of art displayed together. I did a few research on these artists. Their works are exceptionally brilliant. Each of them have a signature style of digital art. This is definitely a source of inspiration for graphic designers. I... Read More

Create a realistic looking Earth in Photoshop

While I was browsing for some icons in Iconspedia, I stumbled upon some awesome looking shiny spheres. It immediately caught my eye and I wanted to recreate them in Photoshop. As I was finishing the image, I recalled one of the tutorials in PSDTuts, to create a realistic earth using the 3D rendering features of Adobe Photoshop CS4. Unfortunately, I have CS3, so i decided to try one of my own and have provided the tutorial here. In this article, we will learn how to create a realistic... Read More

Awesome Page Peel glossy icons (64px and 128px pack)

Webdesign blogs have been improving drastically over the months. We saw a lot of changes. Some of the blogs did a complete makeover with a new theme while others repainted the background for a more detailed look. However, the use of icons for social networking has never been disappointing. People are always wanting for more of these stuff. So, I decided to create some awesome icon pack just for you guys. This version of the icons gives out a page peel effect and will definitely... Read More

30+ breathtaking pictures of Snow Crystals

Snowflakes and snow crystals are made of ice, and pretty much nothing more. A snow crystal, as the name implies, is a single crystal of ice. A snowflake is a more general term; it can mean an individual snow crystal, or a few snow crystals stuck together, or large agglomerations of snow crystals that form “puff-balls” that float down from the clouds. Snowflakes are not frozen raindrops. Sometimes raindrops do freeze as they fall, but this is called sleet. Sleet... Read More

Create a Glass Text effect in Photoshop and Shatter it

There are some great effects you can achieve using Ph0toshop and there are so many tutorials on the web to show us how. The most under-appreciated text affect that has long been forgotten is the glass text effect. In this tutorial, we will be creating an amazing looking glass text effect and better yet, we will use the power of the lasso tool and shatter the text into pieces. We will be learning a lot in this tutorial with respect to the Blending modes and Layer styles. Infact,... Read More

Create a tilt shift Photography using Photoshop

When we see some awesome pictures which use tilt shift photography, we are definitely amazed by how it can create such a depth of field. Well, the truth is, using sophisticated cameras, one can achieve such marvelous photographs. But, what if we do not own such a camera but we still like to create such ‘model photography’. In this tutorial, I shall teach you exactly how to do that. Quite evidently, using the power of Adobe Photoshop, there is not much you can’t... Read More

Create a Cool and Realistic Denim textured typography

How creative can you get with fonts and typography? There are so many tutorials on Creating awesome typography on the web, so this might seem a little bit redundant. As a matter of fact, I wanted to get ideas on how to create a unique style of typeface, so i decided to search for a few which had this uniqueness compared to all others and I stumbled upon a rather impressive set of fonts. Graphic river have released one of their new fonts, a textile lettered font, which immediately... Read More

Christmas Megapack : Tutorials, Icons, Wallpapers, Themes

What a wonderful year it has been. 2009 was most definitely the year of design. A large amount of quality design blogs sprung up and the ones which were already there have escalated to a new level. Some of them went through a facelift, while a few others even got great reviews. 2010 is going to be a blast for sure. Now that we are in wait for the new year, I thought whats more fun then decorating your website with loads of christmas goodies. In this article, I have collected... Read More


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